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What type of projects can you do?

We specialize in total site development including demolition, clearing, earthwork, utilities, and site grading, as well as specialty services such as footing excavation, trenching, and materials import/export.

What machinery do you have?

We have a complete line of heavy equipment so that we can serve your every need, without having to rely on other companies to provide anything.

What's your area of expertise?

Whether your project is large or small, difficult or routine, we have a deep grasp of all aspects of construction, This enables Roché Excavating to complete all tasks and identify  potential problems before they impact your project.

We take pride in our diverse background and experience.

We’ve worked in some pretty particular settings — like densly-contructed cliffside lots, operational commercial zones, and busy streets.

We’re experts at Southern California excavation – tight space, dense areas, coastal concerns… you name it! We’ve got 30 years of doing it.

What are your employees like?

We have the highly-skilled, close-knit team of professionals that your project needs.

Our team of project managers, estimators, and field employees has a diverse background, bringing knowledge and experience to all areas of earthwork and site development.

Our field crews move the earth—literally—to make our clients happy. Our crews have a large fleet of equipment resources and the know-how to get projects completed on time and within budget.

And the communication between projects, our corporate office, and our clients allows us to quickly adapt and change to different site requirements, locations, and schedules.

We take pride in our commitment to safety, integrity, and workmanship.

Are you hiring?

We only hire the best, and we’re always looking for new additions to our team. If you want to exlore the possibilities, check out our requirements and get in touch.