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Our  Projects

We strive to please our clients, first. Because without them, we would not be the company we are. Here are a select few of our recent projects.

Subterranean Work

From the foundation, to trenching and subterranean work, we can do everything from rough grading the entire jobsite, to the fine grading for new buildings.

Excavation and Grading

Our field crews move the earth, literally, to make you happy. We have a large fleet of equipment, resources, and the know-how to complete your project on-time and within budget.

Small Space Expertise

Removing a building or excavating in a densely populated area relies on specialized skills, highly-trained personnel, and a lot of experience. We have it all. We are experts at small space excavation.


We have the experience and ability to grade any project – homes, schools, commercial buildings, industrial tilt-up buildings, office and industrial parks, and shopping centers.


Roché Excavating, Inc. offers complete trenching services and our safety record is impeccable. Whether you’re replacing or moving pipes, doing subterranean work, or supporting foundations, let us handle it for you.


We are experts at trenching and pipeline projects for private, development, and governments jobs, and for underground utilities. We have the skills, equipment, and experience to successfully, and safely, complete any job.


We are experts at demolition in Southern California’s densely populated areas. We handle all aspects — from building implosion, explosives consulting, warehouse wrecking, foundation destruction, building strip outs, residential dismantlement, and more.

Residential Projects

Our experienced project managers, estimators, and field employees have diverse backgrounds, bringing knowledge and experience to all areas of earthwork and site development.

Commercial Projects

We can do everything from rough grading the entire jobsite, to fine grading for new buildings, curbs, sidewalks, paving, and landscape.

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